Following a week of inexplicable Facebook drama over who the best rappers in Portland are, PDX rapper Tabloid released a track with longtime friend, Mardi McPhly (previously known as Yung Phly of Black Govament), called #Fvcksupportland in which they look to address and perhaps even stir the messiness of the underground Portland rap scene.

Some have taken this as “shots fired”, but we all know rap songs can easily be taken out of context. So I reached out to the duo to address the controversy and Tab responded with the following:

The main point was to wake everybody up! It’s a lot of closet hate, dick riding and fakeness going on in the city… Too many people picking favorites instead of who’s putting out quality real art. Me and Mardi go back (as) far as playing at Alberta park as kids… He’s definitely someone that stepped it up but still get overlooked because of politics… It was only right he feature. Our love for the city is what brought this song about… It’s the fakeness within the city I have my middle finger up too.

What do you think? Are Tab and Mardi overlooked or are they overreacting? Sound off!