23 year old Portland artist Dre C simply describes himself in a line off of What You Mean, which features Luck-One. He states, “Humble in the streets but I turn into a beast every time I’m in the booth.” This accurately describes Dre C, as he is one of the most humble and genuine human beings I have ever met.

A family man with a faithful woman and daughter by his side, Dre is committed to provide a comfortable life for his family, while staying true to himself. With his three-year-old daughter appearing at the majority of his studio sessions at Flatline Studios, Dre C’s Free Your Mind EP was entirely produced by ReignState. Although every track was produced by the same duo, Free Your Mind offers something for everyone.

The seven song EP begins with an intense intro that actually made me say “HOLY shit!” the first time I heard it, followed by a short track called Fade The Black, a catchy song with a great line about white girls not being able to twerk. My favorite songs are Close Your Eyes featuring Visionary Music Group’s newest signee, QuESt, and singer Kameron Ralls, Winner’s Circle which features scratches from Portland’s DJ Fatboy and Bass by Chris Riedl, and the aforementioned What You Mean, featuring Luck-One, one of Portland’s best known MC’s. Whether you’re in the club, or romancing your special someone at home, Dre C’s Free Your Mind EP has something for you. This thoughtfully written, produced, and engineered EP is a must listen.

The EP dropped on Tuesday, October 8th and made it to the Top 25 list on iTunes the very same day. Download the project here and let us know your thoughts.