As WOHM’s ambassador to ratchet, I often use terms that many of you non-ratchets may not fully understand. One of the most frequently used is “bop.” I’ve had many people ask me exactly what a bop is. Some in fear that they might actually be one. And since I majored in Education for a few semesters, I’m all about handing out knowledge. Lets start with a definition.

According to Urban Dictionary there are as many definitions for the word “bop” as there are for the word “set.” Nationally, the word is used to describe an unselfishly fellacious woman. Here in the northwest we use it to describe women who bop around in general. Still confused? Here are a few signs that you (or the girl you’re dating) may be a bop.

Bouncers know you by name
The most common place for a bop to bop is at the club. You go out 2-5 nights a week, get wasted and twerk your cares away. And when you’re clubbing that often, bouncers tend to get real familiar with you. More than likely because you’ve bopped with one of them.

You volunteer at church a lot
Look, there’s two kinds of sluts. Ones who live in the secular world and ones who live in the church. Bops prey on church boys as much as they prey on club promoters and rappers. You can still be as sanctified as you want to be, but you may have slept with the pastor, choir director, and 2 deacons just last week.

**Disclaimer: The word slut is used in this post not for the purpose of slut-shaming, but for the purpose of slut-acknowledment. We see you. **

UntitledYou call someone other than your father “Daddy”
This includes your man, pimp, and your son. There is nothing more disturbing than calling a man who has sex with you “Daddy.” How can a non-bop associate the word “Daddy” with sex? And on the other side of that, how can you call your son “Daddy?” That’s the type of stuff that leads to a boy growing up too soon because his mom is trying to make him the man of the house since she can’t keep one.

You smashed the homies
A popular definition of “bop” is that you bop around from man to man, usually within the same crew.  I know certain communities in the NW are small so you can expect some conflicts here and there. But let’s just look at it this way. If you and the man you’re currently dating were to get married, how many of his groomsmen have you slept with? If the answer is more than zero, you just might be a bop.

You’ve been to Greg Oden’s house
I know his time as a Blazer is up, but the impact he left on Portland will last for years to come. I personally know a handful of girls who were ruined by his whorish ways, but he wasn’t the only one. If you’ve been to his house, but you’ve never slept with him, you probably were trying to get with one of the members of his entourage. Entourage bops are actually worse though, so you still lose. Or win, depending on where you land on the self-worth scale.

You DM Cory Booker
How this story made the front page of the Oregonian, I have no idea. A more shocking story would be that he was on a date with a nice wholesome school teacher from Iowa. He just has a thing for bops. Let us not judge too harshly.

Now, before I close this out I want to make two things very clear. 1) Even if you don’t fall into any of the above categories, you may still be a bop, hoe. 2) It’s not too late to put your bopping behind you. (Unless you’re over the age of 27.) Keep hope alive.

-Sharde Marie
628 days bop-sober