DJ Klyph is awesome. Mac Smiff is awesome. Tonight, the two collide on 107.1 KZME’s Welcome to the Neighborhood. Before Klyph picks Mac’s brain on the air tonight at 9pm, I thought it’d be cool to get an interview from Mac myself.  I mean, everyone else is doing it, right?

Espi: How are you doing Mac?

Mac: I’m doing well. Busy, you know?

I saw you recently created the verb ‘WOHMing’. What does this mean?

Mac Smiff hangs out with fellow WOHMers Jake Espi and Cristina Dunning

I see WOHMing as the general act of being out here. I spend a lot of time listening to local music and making myself aware of what’s happening in the region so I make it a point to share anything dope I come across. WOHM puts on for the Northwest, so WOHMing is just the associated verb.

You’re scheduled to appear on Welcome to the Neighborhood tonight. The show gives a lot of love to Portland based artists. Who are a few of your favorites?

My favorites from P.O. right now are Jon Belz, Myke Bogan, Stewart Villain, Tope and Serge Severe. They’ve been making moves and I like it. I’m also really on my toes for Luck to drop one of these projects he’s sitting on.

My favorite part of the show is the Neighborhood freestyles. Which has been your favorite so far? And what are the chances of you bringing the struggle rapper out for the night and getting on the mic?

There have been some dope ones. Matty surprised me a while back and since then, Serge and Only One have really dropped some monsters. I don’t know if any of them actually “free’d” off top but they were entertaining nonetheless.

And I have no intention of rapping tonight. I’m approved by the hip-hop code authority but I’m a few months behind on my dues. Ha!

Any closing thoughts?

Hoping to have some fun tonight on the show with Klyph. Be sure to check him out because like us at WOHM, he does a lot of work for NW artists and really brings our scene to the light. I definitely respect his movement.

Oh and everyone should visit WOHM daily!