Maybe the most slept on emcee in Portland, Epp will bless the KZME studio this evening as he makes an appearance on the Welcome to the Neighborhood show with Green Team members Lawzspoken and CLVN VLNTNE.

Listen live tonight at 8pm and stay in touch with Welcome to the Neighborhood via their Facebook Page.

Interview after the jump…

For the people still unfamiliar, who are you?

I am Epp. Hello, Tyson’s Pops

Hello. Everyone I’ve talked to who has had a chance to listen to your project with the Green Team has been pretty ecstatic about it. How did it get started and what are the plans for releasing it?

It got started when we were all in the studio, just listening to beats. G & Lawz were playing some new stuff they were working on and I was like, ” Yeah….this is sounding crazy.”

I’ve never released any solo material. Had some pot holes and insecurities along the way, but I knew it was the right time to release a solo album.

They gave me a different sound to work with. I can’t thank them, or Tope, enough for the motivation.

Still a few things on the table as far as releasing, so for now? TBA

I know you asked a simple question, but, you know…..had to extend it! LOL

You released P.O.L.O via FreshSelects in June. How do you feel about the song’s reception?

I think it was decent. Still getting into the swing of things, so we’ll see how the next release does

Klyph has been killing it with the on air freestyles, which has been your favorite so far?

OnlyOne, by far. He’s one of my favorite rappers in PRTLND. I wish I could rap like him

Are we going to hear an Epp freestyle on the show?

I mean, you never know. It’s possible. If I have a package of Starburst on me? I’ll do it

Last words?

I’d like to thank everyone who’s been showing love and support. It truly means a lot to me. I’m really excited for everyone to hear what we’ve done.

•Grabs pack of Starburst•