Portland standout Serge Severe continues to impress. Fresh off the plane from his European tour with Sandpeople, Serge opened for rap legends Method Man & Redman at the McMenamins Crystal Ballroom in Portland, OR. We Out Here Magazine thought it’d be a good idea to tag along so we called our buddies over at V1 Creative and decided to make a movie of it.

Despite Meth and Red’s manager not being the friendliest guy on Earth, the taskforce of Andrew, Kevin, Sharde and I had a blast hanging out and filming Serge and his crew. On top of that, Serge put on one of the best performances I’ve ever seen from him, whipping the massive crowd into frenzy after frenzy as DJ Wels controlled the sound. Illmac, Spark & Goldini Bagwell touched the stage as well, showing off a few tricks they’d put together in Europe.

Big ups to the management at McMenamins for making this happen!

We also enjoyed a dope set from Meth & Red – but we unfortunately won’t be able to share that with you.  Shout out to the tour manager.