Working model, mom, MUA and businesswoman, TJ Reese is quite the hustler.

The Bend-based model recently won a model search for Volitious Apparel and is currently competing in Playboy’s Miss Social Contest, a monthly social-media driven competition through which contestants can become Playmates. The competition can be won either by winning challenges or by taking a chunk of the almighty popular vote.

In addition to modeling, TJ also launched TJR Marketing & Media in February. Currently focused on marketing and staffing events on her hometown, the new company is promoted through the hashtag #BendEvents, but the 23 year old has plans to branch out to other cities in Portland as well.

But hey, enough background. Let’s talk to TJ, yes?



Name:  Taelor “TJ” Reese

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 115lbs

Hometown: Bend, Oregon

Measurements: 34B-25-35


Last time we talked, you were shooting calendars for Bully Hood. Now you’re working with Playboy. What other work have you been involved in?

A lot! Two consecutive years (2012, 2013) of runway modeling for At the Beach! boutique in the Central Oregon Bridal Expo, features for ChillClock and Papusza Couture, affiliate rep work for Karmaloop, and lots of promotional modeling for Jameson, Jagermeister, Hornitos Tequila, Deschutes Brewery and many other spirit brands!

How do friends and family react when they hear that you’re working with Playboy?

They are actually very supportive. It’s important to highlight that the portion of Playboy that I’m involved in, the Miss Social contest, is a non-nude contest that, once girls actually have a shoot with Playboy, they control the level of nudity to which they’re comfortable shooting in. I think that makes it a lot easier to stomach for elders and people that have known me since I was a young girl.

saga_submit3I’ve been to Bend a few times and I always love it. Have you ever considered moving up to “The Big City”?

Funny you ask, I was actually doing the “split living” situation up until the beginning of this year. Once I started the business, it was too distracting to leave Bend every couple of weeks for modeling work in Portland. Regretfully, I don’t think life will allow a move to PDX until late 2014 or maybe even as far as 2015. It is in my plans, though!

What is there to do in Bend?

Everyone asks that! A lot of locals can even be caught saying “there’s nothing to do here”, but there absolutely is! The most obvious being the Bend Ale Trail. 13 breweries in Bend, 1 in Sisters and 1 in Sunriver makes it very easy to find a cold brew. I recommend Deschutes, Good Life, and Boneyard but they are all worth sipping on. Once you’ve got a good buzz going, I encourage at least an hour long float down the Deschutes River, a round of Frisbee Golf (aka, Frolf), or taking a hike up Pilot Butte to watch the sunset.

You seem like a super busy person. How do you find balance?

For starters, I really enjoy sleep! I make sure to get lots of it, I take naps if I need to, and I’m not afraid to say “no, thanks, I’m too tired!” I’m a stickler for planning, if something comes up and I didn’t plan for it, I don’t attend/commit. Most importantly, I always try to evaluate my priorities. I love the phrase “Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.” :)

If you weren’t a model / marketing genius, what would you want to do with your life?

Marketing genius, haha… thank you. When I was little I thought for sure I would be a professional basketball player. [Writer’s Note: MEEE TOOO!!!] As I “grew up”, I realized that being vertically challenged wouldn’t allow such a thing, so I always thought I’d make a good lawyer because my high school vice-principal told me that I “could always find a loophole in the rules”, whatever that’s supposed to mean. But somehow, no matter what I picture myself doing, modeling and media just seems to have the best fit!

M11A9318What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve heard recently?

“Can I buy you a fish sandwich?!”

That’s terrible… So what attracts you to a man?

Immediately, height and athleticism. Physically, I’m a sucker for blue eyes. Personality-wise, a guy who can make me laugh is always a keeper. Indefinitely, the way he treats others; not just his mom or his kids, but anyone and everyone.

Gotta ask. Who’s your favorite rap artist from Bend?

I’d be trippin’ if I didn’t give this spot to Jay Tablet. Not only has he been a good homie and industry colleague of mine for about 4 years, but without a doubt, this dude has major talent. He’s got a full length album dropping in August, but a little enticement with a FREE EP coming out at the end of this month. Tab and the beautiful Kytami (formerly of FUC) kick off the XChange tour in Burns, OR on July 18th and travel all the way to Fairfax, CA before wrapping up the tour in Eugene on July 26th. I encourage all hip hop fans to give Jay Tablet a peep!!

For more information on TJ Reese, follow her fan page on Facebook!