Have you ever watched a music video and something came across your screen that made your jaw drop? I’m sure you have. That is the point of a music video after all: to catch your attention and put an unforgettable visual with a song. The King of Pop and Pedophilia made tons of awesome videos for his awesome songs, creating even more awesomeness. And that is why even the straightest of men know at least one Michael Jackson dance routine.

Now, not every video can star Magic Johnson, Eddie Murphy, and De-Bo from Friday and few – if any – artists can perform killer dance moves while dressed like a zombie. So, most have to do a little extra work to capture your attention. In the world of hip-hop, this means fresh cars, hot chicks, expensive liquor, and illegal unmentionables.  And usually when you have two or more of those things in a video, you’re bound to have a ratchet scene or two.

If you spend any time watching MTV Jams, you’ve seen the over-the-top, swaggerific, and/or ratchet videos put out by folks like Kanye West and the artist formerly known as Tity Boi. But, what about the local gems? Thanks to the folks here at WOHM, I’ve come across tons of videos from NW artists and there are definitely a few who raise some brows and drop some jaws. Here are a some of my favorites.

*drum roll*

*body roll*

*body shot*

I digress…..

Let’s start with P#$$y Man by Lil Bamm & Kenny Mack

As if the title of the song isn’t bad enough, the half-naked faceless women definitely get your attention. And if that’s still not enough, just read the comment threads on YouTube.


GOTY Interlvde by Cassow

Now this is a more reserved one. I’m not even sure there’s any true ratchetivity going on here. But that’s only because I can’t figure out if the chick driving the car is wearing pasties or just has really interesting looking areolas.


Freak by C Clegg & Swag

Any time you have that many naked girls in a bathroom at once, I’m all for it. And even if you’re not into sharing, at least you know they smell springtime fresh.


I’m Blown by Illa

Lions, and tigers and bears, oh my! Not to mention pigs, deers and kittens. I don’t think anything was left out of this video. Even if you don’t want to watch the whole thing, you have to. It’s like, damn son, what’s next?


B*tches Think I’m Cray Cray by Swagatha Christie

Everything about this video. Just everything. I have no words…..


With that said (or not said), what are YOUR favorites? There’s so much ratchet talent in the great northwest, I’m sure I missed plenty. Share your thoughts and stay ratchet my friends.


Sharde Marie
Your Official Ratcheteer