I’m not a mean guy, I swear. Sometimes I get tired of handing out passes. It’s as simple as that.

{Editor’s Note: The following are the opinions of Mac Smiff and even though he is the Editor-In-Chief, may not reflect the opinions of the Magazine. #CarryOn}

You may have missed it, but last Friday, an individual here in the lovely City of Portland took to making internet threats after his attempts to swag on me failed miserably, slumping into a comic pool of namedropping. But what would make a guy so upset? Cheeky criticism, that’s what. Here’s how it went down:

This exchange in itself was funny for so many reasons, but none captured it better than this tweet. But before I go any further, I should give you the opportunity to hear this song of his, Bruce Willis.

OK. So now you understand where I’m coming from. If anyone reading this article likes this “song”, please leave a comment telling me I’m wrong; however, I’d always assumed that the song was a publicity stunt. After all, the guy does promote himself as the owner of LaMontagne Marketing Group (LMG) and was known to me for booking models and promoting clubs like Couture. He also Instagrams pictures of himself with Kanye West. He’s clearly an important guy.

So what happened next really threw me off. Dude made one more attempt to swag on me, then he got gangsta. He got especially hard when fellow WOHMer Sharde Marie chimed in that the song “sucked“. Suddenly, the playful banter turned to vague death threats, since-deleted alleged connections with assassins, and eventually the Vermont native even disrespected the City of Portland.

All that… For what? Some say all press is good press, but I have to disagree. Social media is so easy to misuse; and when it goes bad it goes bad fast. At that point, I was faced with a person who was clearly very upset over the fact that I think he makes bad music. How could I be mad? If anything, I’m flattered he cares so much. I debated backing down… What if dude really does have killers on payroll? But then I asked myself , “What would Scarface do?” *in my Riley voice*

Right then I realized that if I was going to die over a Twitter rant, I probably never deserved to live anyway. Eff it. A few people urged me to “squash the beef”. Christian has since publicly shown regret for his antics. So I guess it’s done, but I’m still scratching my head, wondering if there was ever any beef in the first place.

That said… I did find more music from Christian. I was most impressed by his YouTube upload in which he does his entire song Bow Down in the studio IN ONE TAKE! Amazing! You can see it for yourself below.

Now after all that, don’t say I didn’t show love. :)