I’ve had the pleasure of running into Genesy Rogers a few times around town. Lucky me. Tall, dark and curvy, she’s not the type of woman one easily forgets, yet it wasn’t until I saw her grace Cassow’s GOTY Interlvde video that I realized she was about that camera life.

A burgeoning actress and model from Portland, Oregon, it only made sense for We Out Here to get the scoop on this up-and-coming beauty.


Name: Genesy Rogers g

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 138 lbs

Hometown: Portland, OR

Measurements: 34, 26, 39


Mac: You have amazing features! Do people often ask you where you’re from?

Genesy: Thank you! People are always interested to know where I’m from! Most people guess New York or Africa! I know that those places are quite the opposites on the spectrum, but people often mistake my sense of fashion and my strong Africanus features to be far from West Coast. I get African people walking up to me all the time asking me where in Africa I am from. When I explain to them that several generations of my family have resided in the United States over many decades… you should see their faces. *laughs* They are in complete shock!

M: Honestly, the first time I saw you, I thought you were African too! Ha! What do you think is your best feature… and you can’t say your eyes!

G: Well I do love my skin! I spend a lot of time eating healthy and taking care of it!

M: Fair enough… Safe answer… So when did you decide you wanted to be a model?

G: When I was 19 and I went to a casting that I was called back and cast for! I had never modeled in my life, but I guess they saw something in me. I had a few weeks before the shoot so I practiced like crazy in the mirror. I remember having my whole family participate. My sisters would take pictures of me so I could see where I needed to improve while my mom would give me pointers.

I arrived to the shoot and was all ready to go. I just remember really getting into character and sticking to it! I’ve always had a strong love for acting which I never knew would be the reason why I enjoyed modeling so much.  When I finally got the finished product of the shoot back, I remember being really shocked how beautiful they were, but I still saw places where I could improve so I just kept at it, trying to perfect the images I had in my head for myself. I’m still working to perfect my work and I believe modeling is a true art form. I knew the moment that I figured out capturing a great shot was more about something I possessed – rather than all the smoke and mirrors that go into modeling – that I absolutely loved it!

M: Speaking of smoke and mirrors… This is a hip-hop mag, so you know I have to ask you… Who’s your favorite Northwest rapper?

G: Wow! That is a tough one, but I am going to have to say Frankly Benjamin! His music and production is on a different dimension! The frequency and tempo needs no lyrics, but when he does bless one of his songs with his lyrics it is hard not to actively listen.

He speaks of a truth that we don’t get to hear much of in mainstream Hip-Hop, but I believe the highest form of love and respect is the truth! So Much respect for Frankly Benjamin as a person and an artist!

M: Well I guess we’re gonna have to get Frankly in WOHM next, huh? Let’s keep it local… Are there unique challenges that you encounter being a model from Oregon?

G: There are many challenges that come with being a model In Oregon. I would say the toughest is meeting people that want to work as hard as you and understand the power of a team. There are so many people with talent here, but they sadly don’t understand what it is to work hard and the results that come from that.

I feel there is a real need for friendly competition In Oregon. I think if a lot more people pushed at their goals and dreams that it would create a domino effect. On the upside, there are many people that are working hard and producing great work! So my toughest challenge is meeting like-minded people.


M: That’s real talk we can all agree with. I think everyone would also agree that you were great in Cassow’s GOTY video. What other videos have you done?

G: Aww thank you! I really enjoyed working on Cassow’s video! He is an amazing artist. I did a video for a reggae artist out of Cali a few years back.

M: Well we hope to see you in more! We try to keep our readers up on what’s up. Where would you recommend that young folks in Portland can go to have a good time and run into women like you?

G: I love Dig a Pony, East, Tube, and Swift Lounge! I always find great and interesting people at these spots along with amazing music and drinks.

M: Lastly, what are some projects you are working on?

G: Well I do some wardrobe stylist work as well. So I just finished styling a screen play. I’m also collaborating with a local brand and movement on a women’s clothing line that will showcase some of my work and personal style. Lastly I’m in the process of starting my own business. I can’t give out too much information on that one, but be on the lookout!

We want to thank Genesy Rogers for taking the time to chat with WOHM. You can find more of her on Facebook, Instagram and her personal website. For booking information, please contact bookings@genesyrogers.com.