Born into a gang-affiliated family with a passion for Hip Hop and poetry, David Rodriguez discovered his love for rap at the age of six as he quietly watched his uncle battle rap his friends. At nine years old, David found himself running with the older cats in his SE Portland neighborhood which ultimately landed him in some trouble. Gradually, David’s affinity for Hip Hop transformed into a need for it as he sought a positive, non-violent outlet through which to express himself. He refused to follow the gang-banging lifestyle he was nearly predestined to fall into, and switched his focus from running the streets to writing his life down in the form of poetry.

David, now 18, is rapping under the name Lost, or Lost One, which simply sums up his Hip Hop influenced childhood.  Although Lost is busy with his two children, a son who is two and a six-month old daughter, he has been working under the guidance of Portland’s own Risky Star and will be releasing his first full-length album at the end of this summer. The album, currently being recorded at Portland’s Trust Know One Studios is expected to be smooth and summery with a chill vibe and deep lyrics, reflective of his cultured past.

For now, check out his first music video titled Amsterdam featuring Risky Star, shot by Beejan.