These last three years have been insane for Macklemore. Every turn seemed to come along with another huge career-boosting opportunity. We took a look at 10 tweets that signified huge momentum shifts for his career. We tried to consider the impact each event relative to where his career was at the time. (Featured image credit Greg Niss)

In chronological order….

1. VS. EP Redux Hits the iTunes charts


The VS. EP Redux was the first project that generated a national buzz for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. At the time of the album’s release Macklemore was newly sober, living with his parents and working a day job at a local hat store.

He told us in an interview last year, “I was freshly sober going into VS. I was very humbled by my living situation. I was trying to re-piece my life. I knew that with VS. if things didn’t pan out, I was going to have to get a real job. The music is the same as on my other projects. It was just a different chapter of my life.”

The EP would reach as high as #7 on the iTunes chart.

2. The birth of #SharkFaceGang


What started as a tweet turned into a movement. Shortly after this tweet, fans started showing up at to performances wearing homemade Sharkface gear. Macklemore has some of the most loyal fans in the world, and this gave them an identity.

3. Performing at Safeco field


My Oh My introduced Macklemore to a lot of Mariners fans throughout the Northwest. His performance at Safeco field was one of the first examples of him being put on a major stage and absolutely knocking it out of the park (sorry for the pun).

4. Headlining Bumbershoot in a sold out Key Arena


Sold out Key Arena. Shawn Kemp joined him on stage. People talked about this for a month. #SuperOutHere

5. Nominated for XXL Freshman of the Year


Even with the amazing year Macklemore and Ryan Lewis had in 2011, there were a lot of hip hop fans who were still unfamiliar. The Sharkface Gang went to work and voted Mack onto the cover of XXL’s 2012 Freshman of the Year issue without any major label support.

6. Announcing their first world tour


We appreciated this RT from Macklemore as he announced his first World Tour (humble brag). All but two dates sold out as he promoted the release of The Heist.

7. Thrift Shop hits 1 million views in less than a week


Nobody could have predicted the massive success that Thrift Shop would become (selling over 5 million copies), but the scooters, dancing girls and outrageous outfits were a huge hit on social media.

8. #1 on iTunes


The years of hard work making honest music and building relationships paid off as The Heist debuted at #1 on the iTunes charts and #2 overall (just behind Mumford and Sons).

9. Performing Same Love on Ellen


This was game over. Performing a song about marriage equality on Ellen was yet another massive catapult in Macklemore’s career.

10. All Gold Everything


#Sharkfacegang did it. Two number one singles and a gold record. Hard to imagine all of this happened in the last three years. What does Macklemore have in store for us next?