In the three days leading up to his final sentencing in 2012, Libretto linked with DJ Sneakers to film a short documentary to tell his side of the story, explain some things about his life, tell us how to reach him, and even discuss projects to be released during his incarceration. We Out Here Magazine is proud to present this to the world.

Before going to jail in New York for on a robbery charge, Watts-born rapper Michael “Libretto” Jackson was one of Portland’s most famous and influential MCs. Both brainy and commanding, Libretto is perhaps best known for his work with Misfit Massive where he worked closely with the legendary Lifesavas.

Interestingly enough, I first met Libretto while booking openers for Luck One’s first show following his own his seven-year incarceration. Despite the clout he had at the time, he agreed to open for a reasonable price, showing that he was both humble and willing to help promote a younger knowledge-kicking MC. I’ve always appreciated him for that.

Obviously, I was bummed when I heard that one of the faces I was always happy to see around town had was going to prison… All the way across the country… Away from his son and daughter. These things are never easy, but we keep our heads up.

Special thanks to DJ Sneakers for sending his our way. #FREELIBRETTO