Album: “Shallow Al”

Artist: Al One

Rating: 3.897 out of 5 Ice Creams

Highlights: “Cologne and Chronic,” “Dick Rider,” “It’s Sum Thangs,”



Al-One The Remedy (of Sandpeople) keeps it filthy with his latest digital-only release, appropriately titled, Shallow Al. This seven song EP fits together nicely thanks to production from Chase Moore, Pale Soul and Stewart Villain. If positive rap with a message is your thang, Al-One is sure to disappoint with crisply delivered lyricisms covering such important topics as sex, drugs and smelling good.

“…it’s insane–watch my trouble go up in smoke/ rollin’ on some hundred spokes/ in the trunk–a ton of dope/ music-bangin’-hangin’ out the window, sippin’ rum and coke…”

Shallow Al really wakes up by the time you hit Cologne and Chronic. Produced by Stewart Villain, this beat knocks hard complimenting the sharp stabbing flows of Al-One. Dick Rider shouts out groupie love with a sick ass bass-line and Southern style drum sequences guaranteed to make you do the bobble head while you curl your upper lip. The final song It’s Sum Thangs rounds out this project nicely, showcasing Al’s skill set all the way.

SP hawI would highly recommend Shallow Al to anyone wanting some quality rap music that is just about f@¢&in’ and gettin’ high and not trying to set a good example for at risk school children. But be careful, if you listen too close on tracks like Never Dat and It’s Sum Thangs you might accidentally find some depth to ol’ Shallow Al.

Be sure to check out the release party at the Hawthorne Theater on Friday, May 3rd.  For more info check out