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My Name is… Marki$ Apollo aka Edgar Allen Known by teachers as “The Menace” But Mark Anthony Howard To Ma Dukes.

I am… A recording Artist out of Portland Oregon and an avid anime fan. I was born in Portland, raised in Texas. I’m 20 years old but at times I feel like I have the mind of a 100 year old monk. I am a sports junkie, that was actually my first love. I was a late bloomer and my junior year I tore some ligaments in my knee and pretty much had to give up that dream and started to focus on music. I honestly didn’t know I was this good at rapping I always joked around with it but my friends pushed me to take it seriously. I am very competitive; I gotta best people at everything, that’s why I love music so much. I feel like my potential is the equivalent of Gohan right before he got in that hyperbolic time chamber.
(Fun Fact: Almost Went by MC Destro)

I like it when… People hear my music or hear me rap for the first time… They usually get this surprised look on their faces and that’s when the comparisons come. Also when I randomly get inspired to write out the middle of nowhere and need a pen to jot down what I’m thinking if I don’t have my phone. I like it when I ride the bus or MAX on nice sunny days and just look out the window and really capture the beauty of Oregon.

One thing I wish the Northwest would share with the world is… Marki$ Apollo! But besides that the positive vibes and love people show around these parts, that’s very rare now-a-days… and the weirdness.

One thing I wish the world would share with the Northwest is… Wow this is a hard one, we need more hip-hop. It’s very alternative and rock here. We honestly don’t have that “one” artist that is universal, I hope to change that.

Something I have coming up is… My second mixtape called Voodoo. It’s been a year in the making now, I really put my heart and soul into this. There’s a story behind it as well, it’s not that complex just your average person fighting their vices. No features, at this point I don’t believe in ’em. I want people to hear and understand me for me.

This is exciting because… I love making music, I’m tryna push the envelope with this. Also I feel with the right promo and listens this can be the tape that gets me heard, I just need the city behind me with this one. I promise them the top is around the corner.

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