The playoffs are here, and the Blazers are enjoying themselves at various locations outside of the gym.

We figured now is as good of time as any to reflect on 5 moments all Blazers fans would love to erase from their memory bank.


1. Drafting Sam Bowie instead of Michael Jordan

“I want to be like Sam. Like Sam, if I could be like Sam” – Nobody ever

Blazers needed a center. We had Clyde Drexler. I get it. It’s not Bowie’s fault that the Blazers drafted him. But 30-years later we still wonder what could have been.


2. Game 7 of the 2000 Western Conference Finals

The Blazers missed 13 consecutive shots and blew a 15-point lead in the fourth quarter as they lost to the Los Angeles Lakers. This is a huge reason why the entire city of Portland hates the Lakers! #RCTID


3. Drafting Greg Oden

Maybe the biggest bust in professional sports history, Portland season tickets were selling like vegan hot cakes after the Blazers secured the first selection in the 2007 NBA Draft. They hung a giant jersey on the side of the Rose Garden after drafting Greg Oden. People really thought he was coming to Portland to save us.

Oden played a total of 82 games during the two seasons of his career.


4. Qyntel Woods

Being drafted to the Jailblazers was a rough spot for Qyntel Woods, who was entering the league with a history of “off court problems.”

Woods career in Portland is best remembered for Marjiuana possession charges, an alleged fight outside of the Roseland Theater, attempting to show a rookie card as identification to an Portland police officer, and the dog fighting that lead to him being released from the team.

Qyntel averaged 3 points per game as a Blazer, and now plays in Spain.


5. Getting Swept by the Lakers in the 2002 Playoffs

The Blazers would return to the Playoffs in 2003 – in a losing effort against the Mavericks – but getting swept by the Lakers marked their descent into the end of an era and beginning of chaos.