It has been a VERY long time coming, but the Northwest finally has an emcee blowing up the charts right now; and Macklemore is doing it all as an independent artist, at that. This means that there are a lot of labels missing out on paychecks…with multiple commas.

The Northwest has learned to doing things without major label assistance, because until now, it didn’t have a choice. It is only a matter of time before another emcee rises from the northwest to international mass appeal.

WOHM presents our list of Northwest based emcees every label should have on their radar:



1. J Pinder

From: Seattle

Listen to: No Fault of Mine

Highlights: Toured Nationally with Black Milk, Talib Kweli and Slum Village. Nominee for 2013 XXL Freshmen.


2. Nacho Picasso

From: Seattle, of Moor Gang

Listen to: Numbnuts

Highlights: #4 on Forbes Magazine’s top free albums of 2012, #19 on Stereogum’s top albums of 2012.


3. Eighty4Fly

From: Seattle

Listen to: Cool Kids

Highlights: Seattle’s Cool Kid. Made an appearance on “Gold” from Macklemore’s The Heist album (No.1 US Billboard Top Rap Albums, No. 2 US Billboard 200).


4. Sam Lachow

From: Seattle/New York

Listen to: Good Reasons

Highlights: Saavy, talented and hard working. Kid’s dig Sam Lachow.


5. Sapient

From: Portland, of Sandpeople

Listen to: Pieces of Paper

Highlights: Sapient is best known as an emcee/producer; but give him couple of hours and he’ll play any instrument put in front of him. He is also understands how to make money as an independent musician, who hasn’t quite reached the masses yet.



6. Illmaculate

From: Portland, of Sandpeople

Listen to: Under Their Radar, Over Their Heads

Highlights: Two-time World Rap Champion. Scribble Jam Battle Champion. One of the best battlers in the world. #fact



7. Luck One

From: Portland, of Airplane Mode Gang

Listen to: Strange Fruit

Highlights: Featured on Sway’s RapFix Live. “We have to admit, we’ve definitely been sleeping, “ -The Smoking Section.


8. Marv Ellis

From: Eugene

Listen to: Now

Highlights: Holds the single-day tickets sale record at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, Ore. Phenomenal live performer, able to adapt stage show for any crowd.


9. Xperience

From: Olympia, of The Th3rdz

Listen to: On Your Block

Highlights: Toured the country with Macklemore on last year’s The Heist tour. (Also in a group with Macklemore called Step Cousins.)


10. PropaneLV

From: Portland, of LTRMN

Listen to: Weekend Romance

Highlights: Really good at the internet, ha (but seriously). Has generated an online following by doing covers of songs by 2Chainz, Drake, Justin Bieber, Rick Ross and others.