Most of the rappers that I know would be lucky to book a show past the Rockies; meanwhile, Serge Severe is booking a tour halfway across the world. That’s right… The rapper who managed to rock two shows with Method Man and another with Rakim all in the same week is back at it again, this time linking up with fellow Portland vets Illmaculate, Goldini Bagwell and DJ Spark (of Sandpeople) and heading to Europe for their Currency Exchange Tour.

To fund the trip across the pond, Serge started a very creative Kickstarter campaign at the beginning of April and has raised over 88% of his goal. With just 5 days left to pledge, Serge appears to be just days away from that ticket to Switzerland. Yeah… Switzerland, homie. They’ll also be out in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Denmark, & Belgium among other countries. #SoSwagBro

But that’s not all. That’s where a normal rapper would stop and call it a good year. But not Serge. Portland’s boom bap champ teamed with the talented and humble hip-hop do-it-all known as 5th Sequence to create Boom Bap & Bars, Vol. 1 – which if I’m counting correctly will be his 7th album in 5 years. Leading with the single, It’s Like That, Serge and 5th exhibit a very natural chemistry that translates into people nodding their head uncontrollably.

To celebrate the tour and the album, Serge is throwing a little going away party / album release / producer showcase so we can all join him in his hard-earned excitement. The FREE event is tonight at Rotture at 8pm and is hosted by DJ Klyph from KZME The Neighborhood. I’d highly suggest being there.