I won’t lie; it’s been a pretty awesome month. Between The Oregonian recognizing WOHM, my little brother Shamar going to the NCAA tourney and making the All-Star team, my momma’s birthday and some more stuff I really can’t talk about just yet, this has been a March I can’t really complain about. My team is winning.

But that’s not it. I’ve written before about how proud I am anytime my little brother Luck One gets the shine I feel he deserves. It’s tough sometimes to write about his work from a journalistic standpoint, simply because I’m fully aware of my bias. So it’s always nice when someone else recognizes the greatness so I can just smile and co-sign.

MTV provided me that opportunity. Wednesday’s episode of RapFix Live featured Sway and his hat interviewing DC-area rapper Wale and YMCMB’s chief executive officer Mack Maine. At the end of the episode, Sway, Mack Maine and DJ Whoo Kid previewed the video for Luck One and Dizz’ song Dem Say Yeah off of Critical Mass. When the clip finished playing, they streamed the young Portland rapper in for a live interview during which Mack Maine said exactly what I’ve been telling Luck for years, “My G, you spit.”

Well duh. Even with Sway calling him “Lucky One” and being awkwardly corrected by the self-proclaimed King of the Northwest, the interview went very well. Luck put on for the town, shouting out Illmaculate and Vinnie Dewayne as inspirations. Repping a Grant High sweatshirt, Luck’s responses were witty while his demeanor remained chill. It was a good look for Portland. It was a good look for the Northwest.

Luck One Gets Floor Seating in the Studio
Luck One Gets Floor Seating in the Studio

Luck swung through Red Door that night to talk about the experience. We played a little Modern Warfare and when he wasn’t getting me killed we chatted about it. I really wanted to know how he got plugged in to MTV; I mean, it’s not like they just hand out chances to rappers to watch and discuss their projects with the Young Money Cash Money CEO every day, right?

It was good to see Luck beaming. With his project Curse of the Pharaoh coming later this year, a tour coming soon and a new website launch in the works, this was exactly the type of promo he needed to close out the first quarter of 2013. He joked about how he “met a guy that knew a guy that knew a guy” and how he actually submitted the videos for Searchin’ and Sounds of My City and was pleasantly surprised to get a call about Dem Say Yeah. Not bad for a guy who skipped out on SXSW this year.

:: Quick Story ::

Last night, Luck and I hit the sold out Joey Badass show at the Roseland with some friends. As we left, we were approached by a young rap fan who shyly asked, “Hey, are you Luck One?” The kid went on to explain that he’s a rapper too, and Luck offered to check out his music and offer feedback. As the conversation came to a close, dude said, “Oh yeah, I saw you on MTV with Sway. That’s a good look!” Then he saw me. “Hey, I know you too…. Don’t you rap with Matty?”

*face palm* #raplife

Anyway, the listening session for Curse of the Pharaoh is next Friday (the 29th) at Kelly’s Olympian in downtown Portland. Tickets are limited for the exclusive showcase, and solid source tells me there will be a few surprise guests. Get your ticket before it’s too late!

Without further ado, here’s the MTV interview. Big shouts to Luck for putting on for Portland!