My Name is… Jessica Youmans
Jessica Lynn
I am… An avid sports fan! (Go Ducks and Packers) and an athlete myself. I am a fashionista, makeup artist, model, foodie, traveler, sunbird, wine connoisseur, and friend! I am a girl from the country that loves the city but will never forget her roots!

I like it when…. My favorite song comes on the radio in the car when the sun is bright and the green light gods are shining on me! I like it when my friends call me just to say hi! I like it when I can play a part in making a bride feel more beautiful than she’s ever felt walking down the isle! I secretly like it when I’m woken up by sweet kisses from my Germen Shepherd. And I like it when a quote or picture stops me in my tracks and makes me take a moment to think about life, to find clearity, to appreciate, and to remember.

One thing I wish the Northwest would share with the world is… The beauty of slowing down, of taking time to smell the flowers, or to say hi to a stranger. Oregon is full of random acts of kindness and people with open and educated minds. But people who still stop to enjoy the local vineyards and breweries, and the water on a sunny day, snow on the mountain, and good food with new and old friends.

One thing I wish the world would share with the Northwest is… Fashion LOL!! I always think outside the box and I’m always aware of up and coming trends and styles and working to incorporate them into my wardrobe. In Portland I stand out like a sore thumb because I take the time to dress nice – ALWAYS – and for no reason other than the fact that I like to! Oh and last but not least…better drivers! I’ve been rear-ended 4 times in 16 months. Come on people Scion Tc’s aren’t even that sexy from the back side!

Something I have coming up is… Bikini Season and a fresh line of new shoots!! A move to a new city! And appearance in two calendars for 2014!

This is exciting because… I’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with numerous new artists. I’ll be able to travel and explore new scenery! I’ll make a few mistakes but definitely have more successes!!

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