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What will you do after your tax return is gone? How will you continue to ball out?


This is the most adult (clarification: responsible, not sexy) post you’ll ever read on WOHM. It’s about saving money.


We’re not trying to be your parents; we don’t care what you blow your saved money on. (See what I did there?)  We’re not trying to be your accountant; we’re not asking you to save receipts or telling you to get a 401K (although you should). We’re just trying to stay #outhere and make your #raplife a little better.


1. Pack your lunch during the week

I like eating out as much as you do—there are a few Thai food restaurants near my office—but just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Packing a lunch saves money! Like, $10 per day, or $200 per month. On days that I don’t pack my lunch, it’s because I’m running late in the morning. Understandable. What’s your excuse? Lazy…everyday? Running late…everyday? So rich you can ball out at lunch…everyday? Empty cupboards? No bread? No leftovers in doggie bags? These are not acceptable excuses. Just pack it. (Editor’s note: That’s what she said.)


2. Turn off lights when you’re not in the room

Are you afraid of the dark? Turn off lights when you’re not in the room, p@$$%. It’ll save you money and make you look like a man.


3. Unplug appliances

My old man told me this when I was still living under his roof. That said, this may or may not be true: Even if you’re not using it, electricity runs through anything plugged into an outlet at the rate of 5¢ per day. It doesn’t sound like much, but read on… Your iPhone and computer chargers, lamp, toaster, fan, coffee maker, etc. are all costing you $1.50 each per month, or $9.00 per month if you have all of these things plugged in, or more if you have more! What about your electric toothbrush, shaver, speakers, another lamp…? You tell me how much stuff you have plugged in, costing you an unnecessary $1.50 each per month.


4. Eat out with coupons

Why do coupons have a social stigma? Poor people use coupons. No.  Smart people use coupons!  If you aren’t familiar with the Entertainment Book, it’s worth a glance. The book costs $35, but lets you ball out in return. For example, buy-one-get-one-free rounds of bowling at most lanes, $10 movie tickets to Regal Cinemas, and more. It definitely pays for itself, and then some.


5. Set limits around eating out

After all the lunch packing you’re doing, you deserve a meal out. Not every meal out—a meal out. Set limits for yourself. Since Monday mornings suck, maybe Mondays should be your lunch-out day. Since Friday nights rock, maybe Fridays should be your dinner-out day. Even if you push the limits, having the idea in the back of your mind will help save some money.


6. Don’t rent movies OnDemand

OnDemand movies (the good ones) cost about $5 more than picking up a flick at Redbox. Am I guilty? Yes, but am I trying? Yes! I try to only rent OnDemand movies when I’m sick—being lazy or in a hurry do not count as excuses! Plan ahead.


7. Use or lose your gym membership

I was paying $32.49 every time I went to the gym. (That’s $64.99 per month, but I only went twice.) That shit had to go.


8. Pack lightly

As if flights weren’t expensive enough, airlines are now charging for checked bags! (Old news, I know, but it gets me everytime.) You’ll save yourself about $30 by packing everything you’ll need in a carry-on sized bag. If you know you’re a heavy packer, or need to bring along liquids, plan ahead and at least purchase your checked bag at the same time you purchase your flight. Purchasing online is usually about $10 cheaper than purchasing last minute at the airport.


9. Pack snacks

Room service should be a treat, not a necessity. Pit stops should be for the restroom, not for food. Pack snacks! Like Number 1, I pack brown bag lunches for road trips. And when traveling, I always toss a few power bars and fruit snacks in my (carry-on sized) luggage.


10. Drive efficiently

Ridin’ around and gettin’ it costs money! Gassin’ it is…literally gassin’ it, which costs even more money! Lay off the gas and cruise. Drive like an adult, or like your father. Coordinate your trips out into one day of errands. Organize carpools with your friends. Heck, take the bus.


I hope you’ve seen a theme here: Planning ahead will make you a…well, a hundredaire.