RobYoung, Rob Young and Twista


It’s no longer a new year, but Happy February, it’s a new month! Take this time to evaluate the resolutions you made last month…you’re 1/12th of the way done with the year! And if you 1) made resolutions that we all know you’re not going to keep or 2) made weak ass resolutions to begin with, then take this time to make New Month Resolutions.


1. Get XXXX number of Twitter followers

Local Godfather of Rap, Cool Nutz, has 5,000+ followers on Twitter. Sir Mix-A-Lot has 12,000+ followers. Macklemore has 398,000+. Where do you fall on the NW Legend scale? Less than 500? Smh. Read no further, I think we’ve found your New Month Resolution. (Kidding, read further.)

2. Get a (new) website

How many times do we have to tell you? Get a website; and if you have a website, get a better one! It doesn’t have to be a great website, just a good website. Heck, it does’t even have to be a website, just a landing page. You can buy a domain name at Go Daddy, Namecheap,, etc. and you can get a WordPress account HERE. After that, I default to asking Tyson’s Pops aka The Kid Espi to help you sync the two. As former Editor in Chief of WOHM, I don’t think he’ll mind giving insight to his loyal readers. (Thanks in advance, Espi!)

3. Have XXXX number of shows

To an extent, any show is a good show. If you want cool kids to listen to your music, you can’t just tell them you’re cool. You have to go where the cool kids go, and do what the cool kids to, before you can be a cool kid yourself. Think of where the cool kids like to go, and then book a show (or a few shows!) there. Seattle-native, Bay Area-transplant, and homie Rob Young rocked about five sets last year. This year he’s raised the bar and set a goal of thirty; he’s kicking off with Twista at the end of this month. If he can do it, you can too.

4. Make XXXX amount of money on shows

I said, “To an extent, any show is a good show.” That extent is as long as you’re making money or have a full house. Naturally, a full house of paying fans is better than a full house of randos who just happened to stumble upon your show. So, how do you make money at a show? Don’t make it a free show, but also don’t make it an expensive show—the $5-10 rage is safe. Promote, hustle, and sell tickets to your show. Hire a street team and pay them minimum wage to promote, hustle, and sell tickets to your show. Have a tip jar at the front door. Sell snacks and drinks; ask for a portion of the bar. Sell merchandise (NOT thousands of stickers, though). Put flyers around town; see if the local, hip-hop radio station will give you airtime; tweet and Facebook about it (dittoing the hyperlink above: NOT in a spammy way, though).

5. Go to SXSW

Please, do not ask any questions about this one. Put SXSW on your resolutions list. Immediately.

6. Reconnect with everyone you meet at SXSW

The hardest part of SXSW is quantifying the experience. You’ll have more memories than you can remember, more business cards than what can fit in your wallet, more receipts than you’ll want to think about… What do you make of it all? The drinking is bonding; the business cards are real people that want you to email them, so you should; and the receipts facilitate the two.

7. Travel

If you make it to SXSW, you’ll see how eclectic of a week it is. People from around the country, and in some cases the globe, attend the music conference and festival. Everyone wears different clothing and has custom hairstyles; people use new slang and speak in foreign languages…and that’s just at SXSW. Travel! Go to other music conferences and festivals; broaden you and your fan base.

8. Learn how to do something new…that relates to your career

So many people stop learning after graduation… Learn something! And learn something that relates to your career! Doing the Dougie does not count.

9. Thank the little people

As your career blossoms (likely because you read WOHM advice columns on such a regular basis), take time to thank the little people. [Editor’s note: You’re welcome.] Tell your family that you love them. Do little things for your significant other that remind her how much you care. Buy your bros a round of Fireball shots next time you’re out. Go to church. Prrrrreach.

10. Get fit

Year after year, month after month, getting fit should always be on your resolutions list. Already have a 6-pack? Get an 8-pack. You’re able to run a mile under ten minutes without breaking sweat? Try two. Ran a marathon last year? Compete in a triathlon. There’s always room to improve.


And some things never change…stay swagged out throughout the month and 2013!