Speakerminds WOHM WOHM!

Speaker Minds is back at it again with a brand new music video for the sub-group 5th & Wyatt’s single “Third Eye’s Blind”. Deck the halls with some boom bap hip hop this holiday season and download your copy of the 2012 release “To Bad Ideas” compilation album at speakerminds.com. For now, fill your mental stockings with fantastic visuals produced by V1 Creative and brought to you by WeOutHere.net.

10 things we want for the NW hip hop scene for Xmas:

1. Since we can’t stop thinking about the state of the world, the human condition, why we act and feel the way we do, how people treat each other, injustices, stereotypes, morals, etc., we want to see even more thought provoking & emotionally moving material brought to the hip hop conversation.

2. We want monthly producer & beat culture events to accommodate the pools of talent our region has. More instrumental showcases, beat battles, sample flips, etc –

3. We also want more friendly fire’ compliment freestyle battles!

4. Ideally we’d like to make a song dope enough to warp the 4th dimension around the entire NW area, trapping us in the 90’s musically, forever.

5. We want the intersection between hard work & talent to have more weight than simply “who you know.”

6. I’d want rappers to spend their freshly gained Xmas loot and tax return monies on all them dope beats they wanted. (5th Sequence)

7. We want to see performances that look well rehearsed and thought out. No more rappin’ over recorded vocals…. That’s what CDs are for, we came to see a live show.

8. All we want for Christmas is some more radio stations that play all types of Rap/Hip Hop… even local.

9. We’d like to wake up, look under my tree and see a double-disc compilation album full of the dopest NW artists and musicians. And We’d like to be on it too….. let’s make it happen!

10. And the greatest gift of all would be for you all to share this video with whoever you think will dig it. Happy Holidays from 5th & Wyatt and the rest of the Speaker Minds crew!