Title: #SOSC – (Smoke Out Saturday Collection)
Artists: Jon Belz, Chill Crew

Rating: 3 out of 5 Ice Creams

Highlights: “Like I’m From Here”, “Ali”, and “Concrete”

First off, listen to Jon Belz verse on track 2 “Cloudy”, which starts off with a great Drake impression, but goes on to really showcase this Portland emcees skill set. After that, skip to track 5 “Like I’m From Here”. Produced by Nappy Notez, this is where #SOSC finally jumps off with a catchy club banger that will make you want to turn the stereo up. “Ali” features some cool samples paying homage to one the greatest emcees of all time, Muhammed Ali. Steward Villian killed the production on “Concrete”, and Chill Crew killed the mic resulting in my favorite track on this piece. The rest of #SOSC had a few decent songs like “Recess” but nothing that really jumped out and ripped my face off.

On a few tracks like “Ali” and “Shivers” Belz starts his verse off sounding like a young Jay-Z from “Reasonable Doubt” days, other times I’m reminded of Drake or Kanye or even Sunny Cheeba from Camp-Lo, but one things for sure: Jon Belz clearly stands out amongst his peers on this project.

If you’re chilling at home, all smoked out, or cruising around town, all smoked out, Jon Belz and the Chill Crew bring a l’il something to smoke to. If you’re looking from something that connects in a more meaningful way, you might want to pass on this smoke out session.