Artists: Sam Lachow & Raz

Rating: 4 out of 5 Ice Creams

Highlights: The whole EP, especially “Nothing’s Gonna Change”

From the jump, Raz really had me on the edge of my seat listening to ‘The Introduction.’ His delivery was strong and the content was ‘street.’ Then Sam Lachow started rapping and I recoiled a little. The subject matter changed from Raz’s ‘bullet holes in my babies blanket’ to Lachow’s ‘dime bags in high school.’ It just kind of caught me off guard – like if your favorite white rapper all of a sudden popped up in the middle of your favorite Goodie Mob song.

By the time I got to the next track ‘Good Reasons,’ I had the speakers on blast. The rock solid production really compliments the emcees and gives each track a unique feel that made me wanna rock to it. Lachow and Raz manage to do a great job of complimenting each other while sounding nothing alike.

The number one reason I would recommend this EP to anyone, even my own mother, is both emcees make the listener feel like a good friend involved in an entertaining conversation about real life – with content about weed, money, hoes, etc.

(Also, be sure to reward yourself with a time out and check the videos.)