(Ed’s Note: Huge thanks to Gabe Montgomery for stepping in and writing album reviews for WOHM! This was a huge void in our publication and we’re excited to have someone qualified to fill it.)

Artist: Eighty4 Fly

Rating: 3 out of 5 Ice Creams

Highlights on this album include “Go Slow,” “Late Night” and “Kush High”.

Overall, COLORS is a solid piece of work, plus the album cover looks dope. Slick production from the likes of A. Dot and Chemist move the listener through every song from start to stop without making you want to reach for the >> button.

Before listening to COLORS I didn’t know shit about Eighty4 Fly. Being fully aware of my own musical prejudices, I carefully listened twice. Now here is what I know about Eighty4Fly: He likes to rap about his town, getting money, getting high, getting girls, and being dedicated to his craft. With those main ingredients, I think most folk can relate.

If I was a bartender, and you asked me to make you an ‘Eighty4 Fly’ I would put some 100 proof rum in a glass and mix in one part Drake, one part Kid Cudi, and a splash of Wayne.

Album: Nothing Better EP
Artist: Shelton Harris

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Ice Creams

Highlights on this album include “Take It Back” and “The Reason”.

This is the type of rap music I like to listen to when I’m sober. The Nothing Better EP showcases some dope beats/production and serves as a great introduction to this young Seattle MC. If you’re a Macklemore fan, you won’t be disappointed by his young associate Shelton Harris.

My first impression was that he sounded extremely young. And that’s okay. Tracks like “92” and “Take It Back” gives a glimpse into the artist journey and character while “The Reason” echos Macklemore’s signature touch and would go great with the end credits of any episode of Intervention.