In case you’ve been out of the WOHM! loop, V1Creative has been doing a great job giving Portland artists a professional look on the World Wide Interwebs.

(They also partnered with us on our kick ass B-Day Bash, sorry if you missed it…)

Craig Grüenewald is one of the founders and has been in California for the last couple of months, playing with remote control helicopters (aka flying remote control helicopters with cameras attached to them around some of the nicest golf courses in the state).

Turns out some people get paid for that shit.

Thanks for the time Craig. How are you today?

I am in Los Banos with Birdieeye, we are awaiting a few more parts for our multi-rotor helicopter and then we will be back to filming 3 to 4 golf courses before our return to the beautiful city of Portland Oregon by August 1st.

Birdieeye’s Mobile App and online platform is going to change the way golfers approach the game of golf.

Let us know about this new app, how is it going to work and when will we be able to start using it?

The new software company I am working with is Birdieeye. It will become available later this summer for online use and iPhone. It will provide golfers with hole by hole aerial flyovers, scorecard integration, pro’s approach to the hole, distance markers, and GPS to name a few.

It would be best to talk about Birdieeye later this summer when it launches.

Will do! Is Birdieeye based out of California?

No, Portland, Oregon!

Birdieeye (is made up of) a good friend of mine Brian from Oregon State! Go Beavers! And his Business Partner Sam, along with an app development team in Portland, and video editor.

Nice! We’ll be sure to keep in touch as it gets set to launch.


You looking forward to returning home?

Yes I am, Portland will always be home for me, being on the road now for three months has been a great adventure, but nothing beats Portland in the summer!

No doubt, we are finally are getting some sun also. Have you been involved with V1 projects since you’ve been gone?

I have taken part in some location scouts and other planning, other than that it has been all Kevin and the crew. I have put my younger brother Ian into a role that has helped Kevin and the crew out.

You guys have grown a lot this year, and have been doing a great job helping give Portland artists a professional look online. Where do you see V1 at this time next year?

On be half of V1 we would like to thank you and all the supporters, we are going to continue progressing and producing quality projects for you all. This time next year you will see our current plan of attack in full force. That being many more quality videos from local artists, as well as local businesses and corporations. We are in the process of working with some of Portland’s up and coming brands, lots in store for you all! We will also be traveling much more by next year. You will see projects coming from other states, and potentially around the world.

That’s exciting. Anything in the works right now you guys are especially excited about?

Some great contacts have been made within the Los Angeles area, so we are hoping to get down there with some local artists to make big things happen.

There will also be some dope video collabs later this summer from artists such as Vinnie Dewayne, Blaze, and Cassow, stay tuned.

They are all killing it.

We agree.

Thanks for the time Craig, any closing thoughts?

Once again on be half of V1Creative, we would like to thank We Out Here for their continued support of our work and the rest of the entire North West and World! Stoked to be back in Portland in the next few weeks and hope to see you all at the next WOO HAH!


Craig G – Out