(Editor’s Note: Thanks to Mike Miller of Salem for putting this editorial together for WOHM.)

I see a moving Salem. I see a Salem that does. I see an adventurous group of people in the city south of Portland that goes and sees what’s Out There, that is willing to get up and Do Something. I see an active Salem.

In the future rolling around in my mind I see parks connected by walking bridges and bikes darting through traffic and groups of people jogging in place at crosswalks, waiting to keep running on. In the rain and in the shine, I see people playing football and frisbee and Bocce and games I haven’t even heard of yet.

Fitness can be defined like this: it is the ability to do whatever you want, whenever you want. That says nothing about pounds or inches. It is says nothing about beauty or sex appeal. There is no mention of giant muscles and six-pack abs. Fitness is about doing.

The people around me have proven over and over what I already know to be true: fitness is about doing. And active people are fit people are healthy people are happy people.

On Tuesday, June 26th, Courthouse Fitness and Venti’s will put on this summer’s second C2V (Courthouse 2 Venti’s) fitness event. Every time we run one of these events, new things happen, new people come, everyone has a great time. Each and every person gets to act like a kid again just before enjoying a locally-brewed adult beverage.

A new kind of fitness is coming to Salem; a new way to Do Something and get Out There.

Sign up for the next C2V at fitfx.com/c2v

All proceeds from this summer’s C2V’s will be donated to the Friends of Two Bridges, a nonprofit group working towards the construction of a walking bridge that would connect Minto-Brown Park to Riverfront Park.