[Editor’s note: Listing to this on repeat is encouraged while reading this post.]


When life gives you lemons, make lemon drop martinis (easier said than done). If that doesn’t work, try one or multiples of the below.

1. Listen to your favorite song

If listening to “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” isn’t making you any happier, try playing your favorite song; and if that doesn’t work, try a playlist on 8tracks (my new music-discovery tool obsession). Don’t listen too intently to the lyrics—when you’re down, you can find a way to make any lyric match your mood—we wouldn’t want to ruin your favorite jam.

2. Facebook stalk

It sounds suspicious and almost counter-active to producing endorphins… So, what is it about Facebook stalking that calms our nerves? I appreciate how stalking an ex, leads to stalking their new significant other, to stalking the new significant other’s old significant other, to stalking the old significant other’s…sister. When you’re bored / depressed / lazy / lonely / you get the picture, Facebook stalking is so soothing, it’s almost as if the friend you called who didn’t pick up, picked up.

3. Drink

Likewise, when you’re bored / depressed / lazy / lonely / you get the picture, tip back that bottle. Alcohol is one of few guarantees in life—it’ll be there through all your best and worst moments.*

*Obvious disclaimer: We Out Here Magazine encourages copious amounts of responsible drinking.

4. Drink some water

If you’re in a real slump, and not just looking for some shits ‘n giggles, drinking alcohol might not be the best idea; instead, drink some water. Water is to my emotions, as Windex is to everything else. Headache…water. Heartache…water. Chug twelve ounces and you’ll be in a better mood in no time!

5. Exercise

Similar to drinking water, if you’re in a real slump, try working out. Working out surges endorphins—turn on some EDM and pretend you’re at a rave instead of the gym. (8tracks may come in handy here as well.) Seriously.


#NSFW and slightly disturbing: video.


Totally safe for work, cute and fluffy: image.

8. THESE websites

If the links above don’t do it for ya, spend some time surfing these websites, and find a match to your own sense of humor:


9. Do something productive

Without a doubt, doing something productive will boost your self-esteem and in turn, happiness. Take time to update your LinkedIn, wash your car, clean your room, cook, or do anything else that is the opposite of Number Two; and then go show your hard work off!

10. Get a line-up and talk it out with your barber

Gents do it a little differently than ladies; but in general, getting a line-up and talking things out at the barbershop is a comfortable place to be. I don’t expect you to spill it to your barber. All the opposite, I expect you to have a good enough barber that he knows when you’re in for a trim versus when you’re in for advice. At that point, spilling it isn’t necessary; just listen to your wise [read: OG] elder.


Featured photo courtesy of the flybird.