TxE’s album We Get It In True is coming out tomorrow via FreshSelects.net (Shout out to our .net family member!)

The album has been making its way for close to a year, and we’re excited to finally get a chance to listen.

Huge shout out to Tope, Epp, Calvin Valentine and Kenny Fresh for letting us all grab it for free

And since we have no idea what “We Get It In True” means, we decided to get a few wrong answers from some of our friends on Facebook…

Bonique Hollinrake- Sounds like some porno slogan.

EmmaJean Meyer- We party a lot, and we’re good at it. Also, maybe we work a lot, and we’re good at it–depending on the context.

Joslyn Kite Day- It sounds like a ‘wiener statement.’ A statement about a wiener

Deyshawn DopeThought Chapman- I feel it means like we put in real work and grind honestly to above the standards of whatever it takes to do the job your getting it in for.

Morgan Lindsey – Something about being true.

Glenn Allen- Something a person who watches jersey shore, puts gel in their hair, and wears true religions says when they buy a new pair of true religions and go clubbing.

Matt Sherwood- That you put in honest real work into hip-hop, maybe? no fakeness?

Jairo Vergara- To me it would be like saying , we’re coming in real no fake no phony.

Chad Sjothun-  I could see it meaning that they get their hard work in honestly. Like they truly work for what they get. ‘We get it in’ would refer to them possibly making as much time as possible to make their music… and the “true” because they honestly make their own beats and music and don’t use anyone elses lyrics. Because a lot of rappers now a days just use lines from other people.”

Christopher Butler- Just means we go about our business the right way really. There’s the right way and wrong way to go hard.

Kari Venti- Closest thing I could tie the phrase to is maybe “Keepin’ it real,” with an added sexual undertone. I am not saying that is what it means, but that is how it sounds.

Brendan Hanna- It means we do a really, really good job. ‘we get it in’ means we do our thing (probably rapping). and we get it in true means like… we REALLY do our thing. like we can not emphasize enough how well we do our thing.”

Anonymous- “We do it how it’s supposed to be done, like we do it perfect, and go hard or go home. Example. Monica Lewinski gets it in true wit dat office head.”