After losing the South Carolina primary to Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney’s super PAC of supporters spent $15 Million on ads in Florida before the state’s primary election.

Newt Gingrich’s supporters spent $4 million on ads before the same election.

That is a lot of fucking money for two candidates to spend hoping to get the vote of a single state (although a very important state).

The ironic piece is that both candidates spent the money promising a change.

What if they used that money towards making a difference in the world instead?

What else could they have done with that money? And what amount of FREE press would have been given to the candidate who decided to walk the unbeaten path as the election approached?

Just to put things in perspective, that money would have been enough to:

Pay the salary of 5 teachers in every state for Two Years.

Buy 380,000 pairs of Toms.

                That would be providing 380,000 pairs of Toms for themselves AND shoes for 380,000 kids around the world who need them.

Provide clean water for 3,800,000 people for 25 years.

       provides a simple solution for providing clean drinking water for people around the world. only $5 you can provide 25 years of clean drinking water for one person.

Provide building supplies for 4,824 homes.

                That is a box of nails, roof shingles, a low flow toilet, a window, a kitchen sink, a front door, siding, wallboard and flooring for 4,824 homes. See more at Habitat for Humanity.

Feed 700,000 people for a year.

                Based on the 2010 numbers submitted by Action Against Hunger.

Pay tuition for 5000 students getting their associates degree.

Buy a basketball, football, volleyball, or football for 1,460,000 kids.

Provide 9,149,532 books to children living in poverty.

                Based on the 2010 numbers submitted by Reading is Fundamental.