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All I’ll say is that I hope they keep everything on wax and don’t escalate this to something stupid.

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The DJ Chill and Luck One “Rap Battle” is just another exciting and progressive moment for Portland Hip-Hop. You have the veteran DJ/Rapper who has been a pillar in the scene, responding to a verbal strike from one of the city’s top young voices. This only serves as a demonstration of what hip-hop culture was built on…competition…friendly I hope.


As long as things stay at a verbal level, I think there is nothing wrong with a little friendly lyrical competition. The only thing that bothers me are the two-faced people behind the scenes, that run between each party and only fan the flames, but truly stand with neither side. I think that DJ Chill and Luck One are both willing to be punched in the face behind their words; but are the cowardly Twitter, Facebook, text, and email cheerleaders?


Our scene is filled with a bunch of groupies, dick riders, ball lickers, and brown nosers, that sit in the shadows with worthless opinions. Most of who are willing to sacrifice nothing for their opinions, but will urge DJ Chill and Luck One to insult, down talk, and outright disrespect each other. Props to the people that are willing to stand by their words, and that truly support both of these guys that are willing to enter into verbal combat.


So with that being said, let the fun begin, and let’s all pull up our seats and get the popcorn ready.


By the way, this is just another tool of THE MAN. Beef was planted here like crack cocaine was to ruin hip-hop culture. Understand that this is just another play of THE MAN to pit two powerful Black Men against each other. This is the Portland Hip-Hop version of the COINTELPRO. Be aware at all times that we are under attack by power far more evil, sinister, demonic, and outright foul then a simple diss song.


Keep your ears, eyes, and minds open at all times.

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Bruke Getachew

DJ Chill, you’re 40 years old? Go take your kids to the park. Walk the dog. Kiss your wife. This ish doesn’t matter.



Overall, I’m for it. Competition is a part of hip-hop stemming back to break dance battles, to free styling and diss records. Some people think diss records are a waste of time, and I don’t want to see either side become too preoccupied with this, but I think a song or two keeping the other in check is all good. A great aspect of hip-hop is the ability to challenge what you don’t like, be you a fan, blogger, artist or whatever. This beef seems to be about relatively nothing if the root is really just that one line in Luck’s “Pass the Mic” verse, but both sides seem pretty into it and as Mac said, the prospective fans are REALLY into it.  I’m looking forward to hearing Luck-One’s response and I don’t anticipate DJ Chill doing much after that. He already could only fill up a minute or so of bars.


Lyrically, this is not really a contest. “I cut ‘em open with a DJ’s skill, but try to test and get crippled like you’re DJ Chill” is already better than anything said in the response, so a full track from Luck-One should finish it. DJ Chill has done a lot and has plenty of talents within the hip-hop community, but he can’t keep up lyrically with Luck-One.  And that’s what this is about, right?

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I’m a fan of hip-hop as an art from. To witness the skill of a true lyricist, DJ, b-boy/b-girl, Graf writer, artist. A truly amazing thing.


Battling is an integral part of the art form, for sure. Throughout the 30-year history, some of the greatest examples of this have come from the likes of Grandmaster Caz vs. Bambaataa. Rock Steady Crew vs. NY City Breakers. But what would DJ Jazzy Jeff look like battling Rakim? C’mon man!


One of my favorite “Battles” is Showdown – The Furious Five vs. The Sugar Hill Gang. Two crews with completely different styles coming together doing what they do, stylistically to make a great record.


So here’s an idea, what if the local hip-hop community came together to put their skills to growing the local scene? I know that’s kinda boring, not “reality show” or “voyeuristic” enough… Besides, sometimes things aren’t really what they seem (I was a fan of Groove B. Chill in the 80s too).


Regardless, I’ll keep doing my part to grow this NW Movement. Who wants to ride with me? #WTTN

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I personally think the “beef” is unnecessary and kind of funny. I think one of them is over reacting and trying to get the other to respond. I personally told Luck not to respond and to focus on the show you have with Lupe at MEMORIAL COLISEUM! If anything, he is giving the guy exposure that Luck worked hard for just by responding.


I think they are both grown men and if Chill really has a problem with Luck it must be deeper than just a line and he should talk to him like a man, not just from the studio. If it’s really just over that line, I think he’s overreacting. (Also, biased thoughts aside, the original “diss” track was awful, sorry…kinda).

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With all the opportunities that are on my plate right now, it’s pretty hard to keep track of all these rap “beefs.” But, considering the state of hip-hop, I think this so-called rap beef is pretty entertaining and laughable, mostly because this is in Portland, a small market city for “our” music. To the rest of the world, two Portland rappers beefing is like two rats fighting over a goddamn piece of cheese (send all hate my way, I think global). It is however, a decent consolation prize for us not getting a real Drake/Common battle. Rap is getting pretty fucking boring and it needs a good beef to make it more interesting, a la the Nas/Jay-Z beef bringing us out of the uber-soft shiny suit era. This honestly reminds me of the Lil’ B and Joe Budden battle (I’ll let you do the math on that one). At least Portland will have a nice little beef—or whatever it is—to keep themselves entertained. As long as these fools keep it on the mic. We don’t need more gunshots being fired in our town. I’m all for a good ol’ one-on-one fistfight though. Give ‘em a fair one.


I have no personal problems with either Luck or Chill (hell, I’ve never met Chill), and if I did, the public wouldn’t need to know about all that. Both of these gentlemen are making moves in their own ways and the town should be proud of them. However, putting a diss record on ReverbNation and saying you rock Supras over Nikes are both bad looks.

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