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Legislation to criminalize tweets that attempt to incite crime failed to pass through the Oregon legislature on Monday. State Senator Doug Whitsett sponsored the bill, which he said was in response to concern voiced by shopkeepers in his district about gangs of unruly mobs being coordinated for mass criminal activity through Twitter. Cities on the east coast have had to deal with the scourge of so-called ‘flash mobs’ of delinquent teens vandalizing and assaulting stores and their owners.

Dan Meek, who testified against the legislation, stated this sounded like a law that would be debated in Myanmar, not Oregon.

After agreeing that tweeting could still be legal, state legislators from both chambers agreed to a joint resolution proclaiming that this sounded a lot like something from that one Tom Cruise movie and spent the rest of the session attempting to remember what it was called.

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Portland food cart owners are lobbying for the right to sell alcohol at their mobile restaurants. Cart owners say they are responding to customer demand for the privilege, and say a designated beer garden could be well regulated and easily enforced.

City commissioner Randy Leonard disagrees. He asks, “How do you feel about somebody right next door with no wall between you and them and having people popping down beer until midnight?”

Mr. Leonard may have believed that was a rhetorical question. Let him know your answer by sending him (rleonard@ci.portland.or.us) the following form letter:

“Commissioner Leonard,

Beer at food carts is a great idea and will help boost the local economy. But no PBR, or the hipsters will never go home!



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Marriage equality had a good week in the western states, with the Washington legislature approving a bill that would allow gay marriage. The decision comes only one day after the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down California’s Proposition 8 as unconstitutional. A 55-43 majority in the House chamber sent the bill to governor Chris Gregoire, who will likely sign it as soon as next week.

Opponents of the bill are attempting to gather enough signatures for a voter referendum this November. If they succeed, the law’s implementation will be put on hold until its fate is decided by voters.

Reports of families and traditional marriages dissolving in a hopeless, pansexual slurry of vice and sin following the vote remain unconfirmed.

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