The Giants batted down a Hail Mary pass thrown by Tom Brady in final moment’s of the Super Bowl today–securing their victory.

Eli Manning said after the victory, “I don’t know how Peyton is doing. I just won the Super Bowl.”

A small group of Occupy Portland protestors gathered at Portland’s Chapman Square today to celebrate the removal of fences that had kept them out for the last two months. They said they had no plans to reoccupy the park and asked reporters if they could borrow a couple of dollars.

Alejandrina Cabrera isn’t being allowed to run for city council in San Luis, Arizona because of her language. Like most people in the city, Cabrera speaks Spanish as her primary language. She appealed, and the Arizona Supreme court is expected to rule this week.

Reporters at the scene said she was trying to tell them something and they were able to make out the words “White House.”

Oregon is getting ready for more budget cuts. Revenue forecasts have projected that Oregon will take in $300 million less than lawmakers assumed when they finalized the $14.6 billion two-year budget last summer.

Rep. Peter Buckley of Ashland said he was optimistic Oregon will see job growth. 243,000 jobs were added in January and unemployment fell to its lowest rate in three years.

One 26-year-old who asked to remain anonymous said,”Nice. That means shorter lines at the unemployment office and more time for Madden. Swag. Swoop.”