>A federal appeals court declared California’s 2008 voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional.

“Proposition 8 operates with no apparent purpose but to impose on gays and lesbians, through the public law, a majority’s private disapproval of them and their relationships,” Judge Stephen Reinhardt wrote for the court.

In an unofficial statement, ProtectMarriage, the backers of Proposition 8, said they thought the decision was hella gay and that the judge had no swag.

Religious leaders are upset by President Obama’s decision to require religious employers to cover contraceptives in employee health plans.

Catholics are especially upset, and numerous groups have developed websites with pictures of ugly people holding cute babies hoping to rally support against the decision.

On Tuesday, Obama met with a bunch of hot single women with no kids in an effort to earn support.

NBA Officials today announced that the refs made the wrong call yesterday when they called a LaMarcus Aldridge block at the end of the fourth quarter goal tending. The call sent the Portland vs Oklahoma City game into a overtime where Oklahoma City won.

The announcement does not change the outcome over the game.

In related news, Portland told the NBA to go f*ck itself.