My name is Will Foster

I am a photographer turned rogue up in Seattle and have been working mostly with videography. Moved up here in September 2010. I try to have a bold style in my art, that I think often times doesn’t work out, but people seem to enjoy anyway. I wanted to be famous, but now I’ve realized that was a dumb goal. I prefer to tell stories of people and places that make people think and explore truth. I love Jesus, but won’t throw him down your throat, I’ll try to point you to Jesus, but not with a stick. I am no better off than you right now, Jesus doesn’t make me a good person, He gives me freedom from myself.

I get totally stoked when I make mistakes, and learn from them. I think that artists need to realize that mistakes are profitable. Even big business mistakes. Looking into the past, I’ve made some pretty dumb decisions that have lead to some pretty dumb results. In the last year, I was almost homeless after I moved to Seattle, and couldn’t find a job. Somethings should NEVER work out, and it just does.

The Northwest should share it’s secrets, and stop trying to be “small.” It’s not really that bad up here. People say that it rains all the time, but when it rains, it’s more like a sprinkle to everywhere else. A natural disaster in Seattle means it’s generally just a bit more windy and someone fell over. Yeah, Seattle has a volcano nearby that is said to erupt soon, and we might have a big earthquake soon. So, it’s all in a matter of time that we get to have some natural fun too.

Currently, along with running my own business ( I am volunteering most of my available time at a small church called Mars Hill Church. I specifically spend a lot of time behind a camera either shooting still or video of events, music, people, and etc. This has been a huge expression to what I thought I was as an artist, into something that is much less about trying to be artistic, and more about telling a story. Which, in return, somehow, has made the results of my work more artistic. Who knew?

Some video’s from Will Foster

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