Photography by Andrew Roles

Chantell Dawn is a Portland based model who did an amazing job for us in a commercial (coming soon) for our first birthday party (March 30th at Ted’s in Portland).

Since she is sexy and generally awesome, we’d thought we’d get some general advice from her.

Take the advice or just look at the pictures…

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…be nice to your Mom!(And everyone else.)

…take vitamins (Seriously, you’ll look and feel better, and you’ll live longer)

…let people out in front of you in traffic…good Karma and you’ll feel good about it…you’ll only arrive 5 seconds later to your destination

…smile just because you can. People will wonder what you’re up to, and Smiles are contagious. :)

…walk instead of drive sometimes. Approximately 1 mile=100 calories usually, and you’ll notice so much more around you, that you’d usually miss.

…check movies and CDs out from the library as well as books. You can place nearly anything on hold, and you can even have items sent to the nearest library to you. (Multnomah county)

…splurge on chocolate or your favorite treat every once in a while. Life’s too short!

…leave five minutes earlier so you don’t drive like a maniac on a mission. Lower cholesterol, lower gas emissions. ;)

…do whatever makes you happy and fulfilled in life…Think with your heart, not your head…or at least some of both.