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New music by Oregon Mc Amsterdam and super producer Goodwill from Washington has dropped on this lovely day (pun intended). Earth And Sky was recorded, mixed and mastered at Flatline Studios in Portland Oregon over three sessions.

WOHM got a chance to ask Amsterdam a few questions regarding the project:

WOHM: Favorite Track on the Album?

Amsterdam: Wake Up. It is definitely my favorite song and quintessential realest shit I ever wrote.

WOHM: How many Valentine’s do you have this year?

:Amsterdam dosen’t reply: (WOHM assumes too many to count.)

WOHM: You are notorious for making music and sitting on it, aka not releasing it. Was it Goodwill that pushed you to actually give the fans something to listen too?

Amsterdam: It has definitely been a running inside joke that the album would never come out. But I don’t think Will pressured me any more or less, just worked out that this album got out to the people. As far as I can remember I have just hit a string of bad luck regarding releasing my/Top Shelf’s music.

WOHM: Releasing music has to be a foreign feeling for you, does it feel good?

Amsterdam: The feeling is great when the release date is two weeks away. Last night and today have been pure anxiety. So its a mix of emotions. Tonight will probably feel more like getting done with finals week. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We all worked really hard on this project.

WOHM: Can we expect more projects being released from you this year?

Amsterdam: You can defiantly expect more music. We got two finished Top Shelf projects and I have two more solo releases pretty much ready to go.

WOHM: Honestly we love this tape man, and are excited for your future projects. Any final thoughts?

Amsterdam: Not all art is beautiful, but it should always leave you feeling something. The songs I wrote for Earth & Sky are constant reminders of what I love and dislike most about myself and others. When I say “Goodwill is one of the most underrated people I know” I absolutely mean it. I am always way to honest when I write songs. Thank you WOHM for your constant support you are all killing it!!