Woo Hah is back, and we’ve got two of Portland’s most talented (and youngest) crews ready to rock. We’ve shared info about Chill Crew and Load B in the past, and hope you guys all make it out to catch their live shows.

In the meantime, we asked them about a few of their favorite things in Portland.

(When the dog bites, when the bee stings…)


Best Portland Rappers?

Milc: Excluding ourselves of course. I would have to say Luck-One and Illmac. Luck is the hardest working, and has been on his grind. Plus, he has bars for days. His song Breakthrough is one of my favorite joints as far as Portland hip hop goes. Illmac is also a hard worker, and everyday breaks the stereotype that battle rappers can’t make good music (listen to the greentape). Both make the biggest impact in the scene and, in my humble opinion, make the best music.

Jon Belz: Honestly I wouldn’t say there is a best. I have some favorites for sure, but it’s just how I feel about music in general. If the music is honest, there can’t be a “BEST”–unless you talk numbers. There are too many new thoughts, differences in styles, ideology, things like that. It’d be hard to really say who the best is. I’m a sincere fan of GOOD music and I support everyone from the city making it. On the flipside..there’s a lot of trash coming out too which is sad to say, but we all know it. I think it’s important to show respect to the ones who’ve opened the door for us new artists to do what we do. Haha, I just bullshitted you a little yea? I agree with Milc tho Luck and Illmac have made the largest impact on the scene definitely.

Best Portland Producers?

Milc: Portland has a lot of talented producers, but from what I have heard my favorite beatsmith is Calvin Valentine aka G-Force. Another very prolific artist who has HEAT. His work on the new TxE project is soo dope.

Jon Belz: Aww man, Trox is definitely ill! Stewart Villain, Huzhe, Paul Lindsay is dope on the keys, & Xperiment from Humble Beast

Best places to eat in Portland?

Milc: Living in North East my whole life I am partial to the shit I grew up on. Taste Tickler on 14th and Broadway for lunch. La Ser on Alberta for Mexican. Staniches on for burgers. Oh and gyros on Burnside in that little market on like 17th. All are a lot of good food for the low.

Jon Belz: Fire on the Mountain son! Wings on wings on wiiiiings! Don’t eat the el jefe though. Four of those wings changed my life forever..

Best places to drink?

Milc: I turned 21 this last September, So I have done my fair share of bar hopping since then. My shit is Eastburn for two dollar Tuesdays, and this dive bar Sukis on Thursday night right before last call. Me and my crew go ham in that bitch.

Jon Belz: Aww man.. I don’t really drink like that. Radio Room on Alberta is pretty chill though! It’d make my top five..If I had one haha

Best places to smoke?

Milc: The stairs. Period. Whatever ones. It’s always funny too have the stuck up rich people threatening to call the cops on you. North East Heads know whats up.

Jon Belz: In the morning on the porch when the sun is still rising. It’s peaceful, I like to get my thoughts together with a cup of coffee and some greenery.

Best ass in Portland?

Milc: Haha too many to name. But if you do have a nice ass ladies come get some direction in your life and go to WOO HAH on Friday at Ted’s Berbati Pan. We out here. Load B gang.

Jon Belz: You know ima say Sky Briggs right? hahaha y’all tryna get me in trouble…do as Milc says above and come CHILL wit the crew!!! We OUCHERE!!!!!!