We sat down with New York Giants linebacker Spencer Paysinger—former Oregon Duck, and California native—to talk 10 THINGS Super Bowl.

“It feels amazing. Truthfully, I didn’t think I would ever get here, especially in my first year in the League. I’ve been trying to document everything I can, tweeting, blogging, and with video, but it’s impossible to get everything.”

Here’s how Paysinger will be prepping for Sunday’s big game:

1. Listen to music

Paysinger’s favorite “pump up” song is Superstar by Lupe Fiasco; he listens to it before every game. Unwavering, he said the same thing when we interviewed him last June.

2. Workout

The morning of, Paysinger hits the fitness center at the hotel (even for home games, the team stays together on lockdown). He does “a couple sets of abs, curls, and dumbbell workouts—just to get my muscles reacting.”

3. Eat

On game-week Friday nights, he eats steak; and every morning before a game, he has a homemade bagel-omelet sandwich. He’s been eating the two since freshman year of college, but only as pre-game rituals. “I never have it [bagel-omelet sandwich] outside of football. Just before the games. On Sundays,” he told WOHM.

4. Call / text Mom

“She sends me a text before every game, sometimes a call.”

5. Read

Before games Paysinger reads the game playbook—to catch anything he may have missed during the week. Paysinger described the NFL game playbook as more than 100 pages compiled throughout the week, with about 20-25 pages added each day, detailing the Giants’ defensive plan against the offence’s. Each game has a new playbook.

6. Put on tape

Paysinger wears black tape on his wrist every game. Everyone wears tape, and everyone wears different colors; so, when asked if consistently wearing black was for luck, Paysinger said, “Not really for luck. We’ve had good success, so there’s no point in changing it.”

7. Diet

As an athlete, you have to know your body well, “it’s [your body] your business,” pointed out Paysinger. The week leading up to a game the players overeat and by Friday, Paysinger will have gained three to four pounds, up to 241 or 242 from his regular 238. Then, Friday through Saturday he’ll lean out again, and be back to 238 by game time. Paysinger and his teammates are so in tune with their body, they know if they are just one or two pounds under or over weight. For example, “If my lower left back starts hurting, I know I’m 243; if it’s my right groin, I’m over 244,” said Paysinger.

8. Post to Facebook / Twitter

NFL rules state that players cannot use social media three hours prior to game time. That said, Paysinger tries to post to Facebook and Twitter before every game, but at the three hour mark, he puts his phone away regardless. [Editor’s note: Paysinger quoted three hours, but ESPN states 90 minutes.]

And two for YOU to do before the Super Bowl:

9.  Go to Paysinger’s favorite sports bar

If you’re watching the Giants play from their hometown, Paysinger recommends Sidebar or The Ainsworth in Manhattan. They have good atmospheres, the TVs are well placed—wherever you look you can catch the game—and good eats. If you’re watching the Giants play from Paysinger’s college town, Eugene, Ore., head south to his favorite, Taylor’s Bar & Grill.

10. Watch the Game from Home

For those that will be watching from home, try a drinking game. Paysinger rarely participates in drinking games, since he’s participating in the real game, but you can for him! He said, “whenever the Giants score take a shot or a slam beer!”