My name is Katy Roles. I am twenty, a Portland native and a student at Mount Hood Community College. Like many of my peers, I wonder what career path I should take in order to insure my future. As the country struggles to stabilize economically, will I have the same opportunities that my parents and grandparent had? Will I be able to support myself and my future family?

More than this, I am seeking to find my purpose in life. I wish to contribute in some way that is lasting. I am looking to make a difference in the world. I was introduced to a non-profit aid organization called Global Christian Taskforce. Global Christian Taskforce (GCT) is a faith based organization that is seeking to aid the people of Haiti in the wake of that country’s devastation. GCT is sending volunteers to Haiti to help rebuild some of the tent cities, give medical aid, help setting up much needed water filtration systems, and bring spiritual aid to the many orphans and widows of Haiti. The first mission will take place in February and will include meetings with several ministries in Haiti–setting the infrastructure and organization for a larger group of volunteers in May. This reconnaissance mission will allow GCT to establish the most effective utilization of resources and volunteers during the May mission.

In May, two weeks will be spent in tent cities from Port Au Prince to Carrefour to Jacmel and an orphanage in Ruuska Village. As a GCT volunteer, I am required to raise the necessary funds to cover my expenses for the two missions that I will be taking. For a student living on a part time income, the required $3,500 is an overwhelming amount.

I am seeking donations from family, friends, co-workers and the readers of WOHM. Any amount is welcome and will ultimately go towards the cause of bringing a measure of relief to those struggling to rebuild their lives in Haiti. The GCT will be partnering with Forward Edge International a relief organization dedicated to helping the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. An informative video of one of FEI missions trips to Haiti can be viewed below.

I invite you to contribute through the GCT web site.


The need in Haiti is great. The hardship of the people of Haiti brought on by the earthquake is far from over. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve this cause and I am thankful for your support.

-Katy Roles