Photography by Andrew Roles

Annie Angell is a beast. The five-foot-nothing, robot-loving, purple-haired stylist/designer is hands down one of my favorite people in the city, and–like me–stays in perpetual motion. Between coordinating events, casting models, bartending, making jewelry, designing chandeliers, getting her grill fitted and volunteering with Benson High’s Robotics Team, Annie found some time to meet up with me at Kelly’s on Southwest Fourth. Naturally, I had a few questions.

What is with your robot obsession?

I just got infatuated with them… I love them… They’re so crazy! It comes from the idea of being programmed, but robots can be programmed to expand. Models often become like marionettes, just stuck. If they were robots, they could learn to progress through all situations. So if I couldn’t figure it out, my robot could. I’m not afraid of that robo-pocolyse shit.  I’d die becoming an android before I’d fight a robot army, ever.

Wow… If you could live anywhere on Earth, where would it be?



I’m a white girl with big boobs and green eyes. I make facemasks… I think I’d go in Japan.

You’re part of the carless coalition like me… But if you did drive, what would your dream car be?

71 Chevelle… on rims. But I’d also have a big SUV so I could see over all the other cars.

What are your thoughts on the recent snowpocalypse?

I want more snow, and I want a bunch of bad bitches in bikinis and snowboard pants banging on snowboards in the hills of Northwest. And glitter bags… If someone could just throw glitter around…

Where do you get your inspiration?

Ummm…  Cartoons? Just being crazy, I guess. Like I’ll rock into like some weird flea market, and then like a jazz spot. I don’t watch music videos and stuff like that so I can’t take from that. I feel like I’d be completely overtaken by like the million dollar budgets. Oh, and anything that sparkles.

What’s new with the brand?

The new stuff for Get Grape Juicy is crazy! Everything is neon and pastel. Most everything is made out of hella lightweight pressed wood… with hella glitter and jewels. And chain, like rusted copper chain, not that silver chain shit.

I’m very influenced by the fact that my father is an extreme foreman in carbon tree. I know how to work with wood. I’ll be like, “Dad, can I use your skill saw?” and he’s like, “For WHAT, Annie?” The carpentry background has been huge.

You could easily fall back into a comfy office job and make decent money. What makes you stay at it? Why do you stay committed to the arts?

I don’t know anything else. I don’t need a college degree to do what I’m doing. I went to school, I did that. I know what I’m doing so I’m gonna fucking do it!

Last question: What do you have in the works? What can the people expect next from Annie Angell?

OK, well I need you to push this for me. I’m doing the Sugar show. We have a fashion/model call on the 28th (of January) at Refuge. (Ed’s Note: Hope you made it.) It’s a nationwide event. It’s a year-long tour. They’re going from LA to Seattle to Portland on this leg of the trip. I’m building the chandelier for the tour bus. I’m so excited about that! LMC is performing and it’s going to be all-girl performances. It’s gonna be awesome, you should like totally come!

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