A new drug in Russia began receiving media attention in 2010 due to the fact that it literally made people’s skin fall off. The drug is known as Krokodil—pronounced crocodile—because of the scale-like appearance the user’s skin gets before falling off.

The drug is essentially a cheap form of heroin (Crack is to Coke as Krokodil is to Heroin) and kills the majority of its users within three years.

(We decided to not put a picture of what the drug does to people, but if you aren’t eating you can see one here.)

Much like methamphetamines, the drug is easy to make. This has made it hard for the Russian government to get control of the problem. Time reported that “In 2010, between a few hundred thousand and a million people” in Russia were injecting Krokodil.

Fortunately this terrible epidemic has not spread to outside countries, but I couldn’t help but think of rhymes that some of our favorite rappers might use to glorify it if it did.

A few examples of possible Krokodil Rhymes:

“Wild in the 90’s, kept a closet full of Tommy/ Krok sells had the block looking like Zombies.” – Jay Z

“Kicking it like Chun Li, Bitch I want my money/Out here slanging Krok, I ain’t talking about Dundee” – Niki Minaj

“Let me get that drink, stop be we could talk awhile/ this ain’t nothing cheap, but I’ll make you feel like Krokodil.” – Drake with sung with autotune

“Cash money motto, bitch we drinking til we threw up/ Krok Pot is poppin, but we ain’t cooking stew up.” – Lil Wayne

“Here’s a little story I got to drop/ A little talk about that Krok” – Andre Nicatina

“Baby let me touch ya, car color mustard/ got money like I’m usher, and my Krokodil from Russia” – Rick Ross

“Ya’ll praying that I fail, two pops stop that talk/ You’d think I was an Aussie how I cook that Krok” – Young Jeezy

“I made a million, without reading a book/Got Krokodil chasing fiends like they were captain hook,” – 2 Chainz

“Krok city bitch, Krok krok city bitch/ Krok city bitch, krok krok city bitch,” – Tyga