My Name is… Kevin Hasenkopf

I am a… Video producer/director for v1creative reppin the #’s. Shout out Craig Gruenewald.

I like it when… Things come out as I envisioned.

One thing I wish the Northwest would share with the world is… Its talent. Sounds cliché but I’ve been able to work with so many talented individuals who should be making a living off their talent, but are not.

One thing I wish the world would share with the Northwest is… I wish so many damn people would stop moving here.

Something I have coming up is… Videos, videos, videos. Staying busy is always good, especially when I get to work with great people all the time. PDX Pass The Mic is the latest project. It features 8 local artists spitting 8 bars on one beat. I made it as a means of showcasing the talent in the city. Shout out to Terminill, who produced the beat for the video. Follow us on twitter or subscribe to the youtube channel to stay up to date with all things V1creative.

This is exciting because… It’s gratifying to see an idea develop into full form. I’m hoping it draws some much needed respect to the city. Thinking about doing several installments of the Mic Pass in Portland. It’s up in the air right now.