My Name is… Dan Day.

I am… Owner/Lead Engineer of Earth Surf Longboards.

I like it when…. Hard work pays off. The most gratifying thing is when you get to see all your efforts and sacrifices come together into a big payoff.

One thing I wish the Northwest would share with the world is… Their laid back nature. It’s one of my favorite things about the NW, we all seem to have a very laid back style and yet we all share a passion and a love for the region and all that goes on within the NW.

One thing I wish the world would share with the Northwest is… I wish the world would share it’s diversity with the NW. We have a lot of diversity here in the NW, but it doesn’t hurt to have more. Diversity is one of the keys to innovation and I think that the NW is on the forefront of innovation. We’ve had some amazing things come out of the NW latley, from music to art to sports and beyond. I can’t wait to see what we can do next.

Something I have coming up is… Is our one year anniversary of the birth/creation of Earth Surf Long-boards, January 18th. It’s been quite an adventure watching this take off.

This is exciting because… When we first started building boards we weren’t planning on going anywhere with them, other than downhill that is. It all started with a few friends buying boards from us and then it took off. It’s a cool feeling knowing that your doing something your passionate about and having people be stoked about it with you.

Time Warp from Dan Day on Vimeo.

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