by Jeff Watson

The gift: The Supaboy, portable SNES

Why it’s so great: For those of you who might have been unfortunate enough to grow up in a Sega household, the Super Nintendo represented a true golden age for video games. Groundbreaking platformers like Donkey Kong Country, the very first Super Mario Kart, and a suspiciously censored Mortal Kombat II are now available in the palm of your hand. Unfortunately, at 2.5 hours of battery life you may find yourself reaching for the AC adapter just before you get to the end of Shaq Fu.

Why it made the list: Putting such a fine example of 16-bit goodness into your hands for the holidays puts creator Hyperbit at the top of our ‘Nice’ list. A marathon session of Super Street Fighter II might do the same for you. (Dibs on Ken!)

Approx value: $79.99

Available at: