by Josh Seech

(Ed’s Note: We’ll be releasing a new ‘Ultimate Men’s List’ item every day until Christmas Day. Hope you enjoy! We’d love to hear what you would add to the list.)

The gift: A box of Gurkha’s His Majesty’s Reserves

What’s so great: Holding the crown for most expensive cigar in the World, his Majesty certainly has fine taste. Infused with an entire bottle of  Louis XIII (considered one of the smoothest and best tasting cognacs) and less than 2,000 are made annually.

Why it made the list: Having a box of these would mean two things: You are the 1% and you have no problem flaunting it. They hold the title of being the most expensive cigar ever made.

Approx Value: $750 each and $14,995.95 for 20.I’ll take a box of the Gurkha Symphonies, thanks!

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