by Josh Seech

(Ed’s Note: We’ll be releasing a new ‘Ultimate Men’s List’ item every day until Christmas Day. Hope you enjoy! We’d love to hear what you would add to the list.)

The gift: Season tickets to Autzen next year.

What’s so great: The Oregon Ducks have recently brought a huge spotlight on Oregon for having one of the Nation’s most exciting and explosive teams in college football.

Why it made the list: Having guaranteed seats at Autzen for you and your friends is like having the gift of knowing that the majority of your Saturdays are going filled with LaMichael James and DeAnthony Thomas running all over the rest of the country. Also, Oregon’s Cheerleaders are known for the being the best looking in the Pac-12.

Approx value: $2586 for six season tickets for the 2012 year. (I like to be in the middle, thanks.)

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