by Jake Espinoza

The Columbian is reporting that Shellie L. Hubbard, 45, of Portland threw her boyfriend’s dog into traffic on I-205 after the couple got into an argument last night driving south through Washington. The dog was struck by a car as it attempted to walk back to the shoulder; it died at the scene.

Hubbard has been charged with first-degree animal cruelty, second-degree assault, domestic violence and possession of methamphetamine.

Hubbard fled the scene on foot. Clark County sheriff’s deputies apprehended her two hours later, near Fourth Plain Blvd–about four miles away.

Expect to see a reference to this incident in the next season of Breaking Bad.

(Interesting fact, the lady who recently was caught cooking meth inside of a Walmart was also 45.)

If you use meth, please stop.