“I want you to notice, what you’ve been missing” – InnerPartySystem – Obsession.

by Josh Seech

Statistically, roughly 40% of single people are online using dating sites to find their soul mates—that’s 40 million Americans. Now, if you are one of those people, you may not be reaching your true potential. I am here to help you take your online dating game to the next level and help you find Mr. /Mrs. Right.

I have an online dating profile on Plenty of Fish (http://www.pof.com/viewprofile.aspx?profile_id=22570979 ) that someone I used to know made for me. I haven’t used it once in the capacity it was intended, since I don’t believe what anyone on the internet has to say about themselves; however, I do use this site frequently as a source of entertainment and sometimes frustration. The entertainment portion of course is what leads us into the first thing I would like to help with: Presentation.

I’m referring to grammar errors and other things that may scare people away. Before you start with your excuses, “its just the internet n I dun care”, “im just lazy” or my personal favorite “not everyone is a grammer-nazi like you”.  If you want to be taken seriously, you first need to take yourself seriously. I understand that some of you might not realize you’re making mistakes, and I am not trying to put you down. I am simply acknowledging the fact that I have looked at hundreds of profiles and over 95% of them are just butchered. I know that for me, if I see “are u the 1 for me? If your that person, holla!” I will instantly write you off as someone I’ll never fall in love with. Sorry, but I am being honest. So unless you want to have a relationship built on spelling errors, tighten up your grammar game.

This leads into my next point regarding presentation. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; don’t contradict yourself by allowing your words to say something that your picture isn’t. Example: If you put “I am looking for a REAL man to handle this classy lady” don’t fill your profile with cleavage and butt pics. Another classic contradiction comes from people who put “Looking for an athletic chick” and post pictures with ice cream in hand, pajamas on legs and looking like they’ve never done anything athletic in their life. All vanity aside, your picture should be something simple, classy and unedited (I say unedited due to the fact when people OVER photoshop their pictures, its looks awful). Being fake only leads to heartache  ß My first single when I become an RnB sensation.

Lying about yourself online seems like an awesome notion, after all, these people don’t know you. However, when you finally “find someone” that you are interested in you will have to live up to the hype you have created around yourself. Statistically speaking, women will look at men’s height and income as a priority in finding a mate online. Men will favor weight and age. So if you put online that you pull over 70k annually, but don’t have a car or your own place – you’re only hurting yourself.

You are usually required to create a biography or an about me type of thing. This is your chance to gain someone’s attention for something other than surface level presentation. Now, DO NOT attempt to write a novel baring your soul to the world. Reading about a love scorned woman who talks about her trust issues only makes me think “next”. If you have issues, your biography is NOT the appropriate place to deal with them. Ease into that kind of stuff. Instead, put something about yourself that gives people a desire to learn more. Putting down what you are interested in and what you would like to find are perfect ways to begin. Putting down your criminal record for the public might not get you the results you desire. Again exercising proper grammar will make this section more effective, don’t be lazy.

To my single parents out there, I ask of you to do me a kindness; stop putting up pictures of your kids on a dating website. I find it creepy. Also, why would you want millions of people to sit and look at your child? I am not saying to be ashamed of your kids by any means; however, tone it down with the kid pics.

In summary, little changes can help maximize your dating potential; after all, you don’t want to give your soul mate any reason to pass you by without even getting to meet you.

Before I let you go, I would like to ask a question…

Why, when people are taking pictures in a mirror, do they look their screen instead of the mirror?

Hoping to meet Mrs. Right at Mt. Hood,

This has been another Josh Seech/We Out Here collaboration.